Bio and Our Misson

 I’m Shannon, owner and creator of this shop! My own traumatic life experiences actually inspired me to do this. It’s a therapeutic way for me to tell my story, face my fears and share how I turned my painful life experiences into joy, happiness, peace and abundance! 

I love how great my life is but everything wasn’t and isn’t always colorful, bright or fun. Healing is a painful ASS process... yes ASS and takes a LOT of work, a LOT of darkness, loneliness, challenges and facing your shadow self! I’ve had to face/fight a lot of demons and an ugly, painful past, which is also my motivation in opening this shop!

I wanted to provide items and services for others that I used to help me through when enduring dark times and good times. I spent years not loving myself or thinking I’m worthy of anything! If you’re reading this and that person was or is you... KEEP GOING!!! There’s a light at the end and you’re worthy of receiving any and everything good! You just have to do the work! Face the ugly, heal and be happy! I’m not afraid to say I still struggle at times and I’m still healing as well! 

By no means will these items or my advice ever be a replacement to therapy or medical advice but helpful tools! 

Whether you visited my website to make a purchase, read this message or pass it along to someone else... Thank you!!! 💕