How to use products

Intention Bath Bombs 

This is the process I use personally.

-Cleanse yourself and your space. I normally shower first! Use Florida Water to cleanse the bath tub, light sage, palo santo or incense to cleanse space. I prefer sage and Nag Champa incense together!  

-Run bath water to desired depth and temp, get in. Place bath bomb in the water. Relax while it dissolves while visualizing what it is you want and a positive outcome. I use this time to pray/meditate!

-Can be used with candles, rose petals, herbs! 

-Allow water to fully drain while your still in the tub!



Manifestation Affirmation Candles

-Cleanse yourself, the candle and sacred space. Again, I prefer sage and Nag Champa together!

-Visualize your intentions for what you want and desired positive outcome. Again, I use this time to pray/meditate!

-Light candle, allow it to burn until it goes out on its own. Burn time is normally about 6-8 days! Candle can be placed in water for safety.

-DO NOT BLOW IT OUT!!! If you cannot keep the candle going put the flame out with a metal snuffer or you can be hood like me and use a metal spoon LOL!

-Safety first! Be careful to not have flame near curtains, don't leave it unattended and discontinue use immediately if glass begins to crack or break!




-Light one end of the sage bundle.

-Allow it to burn and produce smoke. You may have to continuously relight, it helps to slightly spread the bundle apart for longer lasting burn.

-Open a door, window to let positivity in and negativity out! I prefer to open every door in my house including closets and windows!



Body Butter & Scrub

-Cleanse your space. Exfoliate with Manifesting Scrub visualizing what it is you want and a positive outcome. Rinse away the negative thoughts and vibes.

-Once dry, follow up with Manifesting Body Butter, again visualize what you want and positive outcome while applying and rubbing into your skin!